Monday, May 04, 2009

CALL-IS Virtual Software List

I've started a Virtual Software List on Diigo for the CALL Interest Section of TESOL. So far the bookmark site has been pretty lively. I've set up a list of possible tags in the Group Forum, but of course, everyone is using whatever they want. Luckily, Diigo lets me add a few more. I've recommended that at least the VSL tag should be used to put it in our group list.

The idea is to pool our communal wisdom about good sites for teachers and learners of EFL/ESL. Both CALL IS members and Webheads are using the site, and anyone can join in the fun. The address is (click on the ALL tab to see the bookmarks).

You need to be a member of Diigo and join the CALL_IS_VSL group to add to the list.

You can see the list of recommended tags in the Group Forum, or open the Tags tab on the right side of any page in the group and click on a tag to see related sites.

It's a nice example of Web 2.0 at work in the education community.

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