Saturday, March 31, 2007

Video Academic Session at TESOL

This is my wiki-based presentation, Trends in Digital Media - 2007, for the Video IS Academic Session. There are lots of links.

I found using the wiki for the presentation instead of PowerPoint was much more flexible. I was able to add and rearrange things up until the last moment. My only concern was having a good Internet connection in the room, but that turned out to be no problem, so I could use the links directly on the wiki page, rather than opening all of them as tabs in my browser.

It was a bit disappointing that so few people showed up--don't know if it was the time of day or the topics, but there were some really interesting presentations.

EVO Presentation at TESOL 2007

Just a very short video of the EVO presentation in Seattle, March 21, 2007. To see the slideshows and other presentation material, visit our wiki, CALL IS Electronic Village Online Communities.

Unfortunately, it was very early Wednesday morning, the first day of the conference, and so there were only 30-40 people attending.

Most of the participants on the panel were also Webheads. The entire Web cast recording can be heard at Webheads at Worldbridges.