Thursday, November 04, 2004

BelNATE workshop

Been working yesterday and all morning (since 4:00 AM Sacto time) with Bee, Tere, and Buth on creating and using blogs. As always, this is a fun group and the workshop is most informative.

Ways to use blogs:

individually -- brainstorm, freewrite, journal writing - gain fluency and voice
Jeff Cooper reports sentence length doubles in 3 weeks
student-to-student for group work -- brainstorm ideas, manage projects, propose & create
student-to-teacher -- Suggest changes and corrections

So much better than lugging around spiral notebooks and writing by hand in them.

Friday, September 17, 2004

New collaborative tools

Just heard a great online presentation by Robin Good:

He didn't hit Alado, and mentioned Elluminate as expensive. There seems to be an even lower level of free/nearly free tools, such as Y!M and Y!G that he didn't touch. Webheads rule!

It is interesting how cheap, fast, and accessible the neat technology is getting.
Webheads was just discussing what Webcams to get, and the stuff available this year is twice as cool for the same price as a year ago. Arlyn suggested we look at past message archives for what was recommended in 2002-03, but that would be no help now!