Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SLExperiments - Negiz (Daffodil Fargis)

Negiz has been experimenting with Second Life and has set up a wiki, SLExperiments, to carry on the dialogue. The wiki begins with a rather nice instructional video about how to use a wiki to create a lesson plan, so it's a two-fer.

I hope to be able to follow some of the live lessons and report back further on how SL is being used.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

VUE - Visual Understanding Environment

I have explored VUE, a project of Tufts University, while looking at a variety of mind-mapping or concept-mapping sites and software. VUE is free and has an excellent, visually attractive video explaining its features. It seems to combine the best of mind maps, presentation software, and the flexibility to link across several different concept tracks. It is well worth exploring for advanced student projects, for example, involving research and media, and is a free download and cross-platform (but not for Mac X.3). It looks to be an excellent presentation platform because, unlike PowerPoint, it can combine linear and non-linear approaches to presenting.