Monday, April 24, 2006


You've got to love the name!

This clever site lets you use a WebCam and microphone (or combo) to make a video to store online. No uploading files.

Here's the link to my first effort (you may need to register first to view it):

MySpace SlideShow Creator

So here's a direct link to creating a slideshow from your photos at Frappr--or elsewhere.

Colorful, and a constant reminder of who you know.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Safari U

Your course--in print, on the Web--your way

Safari U allows you to create RLOs of your textbooks, articles, and other syllabus material using a wide range of top technology books from publishers that include O'Reilly, Prentice Hall PTR, and Addison Wesley. While primarily tech/science books are accessible, this FREE service might be expandable or useable by ELLs.

One big advantage is that you can include your own articles and links and share-share-alike. I love this model, but how does anyone get paid for their time/labor? I think the idea may be that many students will pay for the printed version of the materials because of the convenience of holding paper text.

This will be an interesting experiment to follow.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Free CMS software -Whiteboard, Sakai, & Bazaar

There apparently are a number of free courseware management system (CMS) software products around, including Whiteboard.

(Free demo on the site.)

Other products include Sakai

and Bazaar by Athabasca, whom I like as a reputable resource for video, among other things. Bazaar announces itself, quite honestly, as a "content-management system."

References to these resources come from Skop Gabriel's Quick Resource Sheet #75. Write to Skop directly to get on his weekly newsletter mailing list and link to his resources: Skop Gabriel