Friday, September 01, 2006

iPods for Teaching and Learning FLs

Integrating ICT into the Modern Foreign Language Classroom with iPods

The languages faculty at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina has been experimenting with the use of iPods to enhance teaching and learning since 2004 as part of The Duke Digital Initiative. . . .

The mobility of listening comprehension activities and recording capabilities has opened up new avenues for language students and instructors.

This is a way cool site with numerous links to descriptions of the Duke project, tips on using technology for language learning, etc. To quote further from their frontpage:

The iPods are used by the students and professors in the following ways:

The students:

* listen to audio clips based on their workbook and textbook as well as dramatic recordings of four short 'novellas'
* read text files which accompany the audio material to further improve their comprehension
* record dialogues and keep a weekly 'oral diary' using an attached microphone
* explore the use of Spanish language podcasts
* interview native speakers

The professors:

* record feedback on compositions and oral exams
* create an iTunes playlist including Spanish language songs used to reinforce grammar, functions and vocabulary in class
* make weekly recordings called 'audio flashcards' which are designed to revise vocabulary and review pronunciation
* monitor students' progress in speaking Spanish
* record native Spanish speakers of different backgrounds reading the course literature

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