Friday, August 18, 2006

Getting Results

This is a multi-week, video-based course for professional development. Targeted at community college teachers, it is appropriate for all levels of teaching and learning, focusing on task-based, hands-on collaborative knowledge building. It really makes sense, and could be done with a group of teachers, either facilitated or not, as an ongoing discussion about how their classes can "get results." As the intro video tells us, students who never before could "get it" in a math class can now, with new teaching methods, really grasp the subject. Very professionally produced by the National Science Foundation and WGBH Boston.

Getting Results: A professional development course

The videos are captioned (yeah!), and you can turn captioning on or off. You also can select Windows Media Player or QuickTime, so you get the optimal player for your own machine. While the focus is content, rather than ESL/EFL, the techniques are excellent for a sustained content, task-based language learning setting.

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