Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Daily English Show

So I am like totally hooked on The Daily English Show run by Sara, a young New Zealander with, apparently, a lot of time on her hands. She produces a new show almost every day, and each one is filled with sly wit: stick news (little stick-figure drawings), a conversation (with herself), where Sara looks down at the subtitles after each line, and then turns around and repeats the other half.

I still think the whole thing is a spoof--there is no way one could actually learn English like this--but it is fun...

Here is the Grouper link to DES or click on the image above for a sample of a recent show. (Also available on The scripts for each show are found at Sarah's blog.

If I were more adventuresome, I'd try getting this movie to play directly, but I don't want to bug anyone with the sound.

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