Sunday, November 20, 2005

WiAOC - Virtual Learning Environments

This session showed a lot of potential for language scaffolding (although that term wasn't used, as I recall). Some research is being conducted and you can join the Chinese students on the Quest to restore the planet.

Quest Atlantis on the Univ Indiana server
You need to download the interface software at the entry portal first (PC only, unfortunately.

Self-contained (hence safe) environment at Indiana Univ, and students are assigned specific quests and tasks. The introductory video is very beautiful, and inspires students to find ways to save the environment of the mythical planet (aka earth). The script of the video is found in comic book form for lower level learners. Good help apparatus: Quck Start Guide, Teacher Manual, Starter Quests, etc.

Contact Mike DongPing Zheng to join the QA research or explore the Quest with students.

For research check:

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