Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One True Media

One True Media is a sort-of free video creation site, but all the good features, e.g., text over, are only for premium users (currently at $39.99).

Here is a sample from my grand-daughter's recent ballet recital at San Jose Center for the Performing Arts.

You can share, upload to a blog, iPod, or YouTube, create a DVD (at $24.99), and download (also a premium feature) but not store for viewing on site. The DVD is supposed to be high quality.

If you have trouble seeing the video player, click here: View this montage created at One True Media
Avery in Alice 6/13

Friday, June 05, 2009

Google's Evernote

So here is a totally cool tool: Evernote by Google. You can use it with your mobile or with any browser to capture stuff in a permanent file visually. But Evernote will even read words in an image--including handwritten words. So, for instance, you could take a picture of a sticky note on your mobile and send it to Evernote to retrieve, by search, later on.

This will no doubt give new impetus to ways to read images that are intending to avoid spamcatchers, but I love the concept.

Thanks to Rita Zeinstejer of the Webheads for this tip!

YouTube podEnglish Videos

These podEnglish language learning videos are unique in that they are based on social situations, e.g., vocabulary for discussing fear, as well as particular content topics.

Check out the tab on the right of the YouTube video, >More From: podEnglish, to see several dozen different topics. The videos are obviously intended to be used as ipod lectures.

Thanks to Evelyn Izquierdo from Learning with Computers for this tip!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Google Wave

This is an amazing new app from Google that allows instant texting, email combined with live/real time bulletin board, and shared pictures รก la Flickr. But that's not all--you can blog and embed the pictures and continue the conversation live via the blog or social network, e.g., on Orkut. Anyone can join in at any point in the conversation, and get a playback of what went on before--or create a private "thread" on the side with specific users. Best of all (for some) it is open source, so you can make your own applets for it.

Or catch the Google Wave preview here.